Yall Foods

Choose, Heat & Enjoy

Fresh, Never Frozen

Cooked to perfection and ready to eat. Convenience shouldn’t mean eating processed ingredients or freezer-burned food.

Save Time & Money

No valet, no tip, no standing around. Just fresh and affordable chef-cooked meals.

Sealed & Safe

Vacuum-sealed to lock-in flavor and freshness, our BPA-free bags are safe for the fridge, the stove and the microwave.

Just Warm It Up

Heat in a bath of boiling water or microwave, ready to eat in 3 minutes or less!

Tired of eating the same thing?

Add some variety to your diet with our menu of international flavors, which we use only the freshest ingredients.

Express Delivery

Cooked fresh in our kitchen in Miami and delivered to your door in 1-5 business days.

What is Nidus Foods?

Born in our kitchen and made for your home, at Nidus Foods we are committed to bringing you the food you deserve, at the convenience you need. It’s a restaurant-quality experience, without the restaurant-quality hassle — just fresh ingredients and delicious recipes. We believe great food should be a expectation, not a struggle.

Chef's Choices

With mouthwatering combinations from our individual items, our chefs built a flavorful menu of perfect pairings they know you’ll love.

Individual Items

Mix & match at your convenience. Choose proteins, pasta, veggies, and side portions to craft your own delicious meals.

  • Proteins

    Starting @ 7.00

    Juicy and tender proteins are our goal. We use incredible cooking techniques such as sousvide to guarantee you will always get it perfect.

  • Pasta

    Starting @ 9.00

    Our pastas are homemade and delicious: either enjoyed on their own or as a side dish, they are bound to impress!

  • Side Portions

    Starting @ 2.00

    Rice, purees and other grains to best match your proteins.

  • Salads and Veggies

    Starting @ 6.00

    A lighter option for those looking for food heavy in flavor but light in calories.

  • Desserts

    Starting @ 5.00

    A variety of amazing desserts created by Cake by CM.

Delivered in 1-5 business days

Cooked fresh in our kitchen in Miami and delivered to your door in 1-5 business days

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